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Spanish tanning industry starts strong in 2023

Spain’s tanning industry exports started the year with significant increases in the subsectors of processed leather and semi-tanned skins, reports Revista del Calzado.

Last year set foreign sales records that haven’t been seen in decades, so 2023 is looking optimistic for exporting companies.

In January 2023, compared to the same month last year, exports of raw skins fell by 8.2% (€1 million less). Those of semi-tanned leathers shot up  by24% (€1.5 million more) and those of tanned skins increased 22.6% (€6.5 million more). The data comes from the General Directorate of Customs.

Comparing 2023 with that of 2020, sales of raw hides fell by 24.1%, while semi-tanned hides increased by 45.3% and tanned by 21.1%.

Regarding imports in January 2023, imports of raw skins fell by 15.4% (€0.8 million less) compared to 2022. Imports of semi-tanned skins fell by 16% (€1.4 million less) however those of tanned skins increased 12.1% (€2.5 million more).

Compared to January 2020, sales of raw hides decreased by 37.5% and semi-tanned hides by 20.7%, while those of tanned hides increased by 14.8%.

Consequently, the trade balance for skins in January 2023 showed an imbalance in general terms in favor of exports of €19.3 million.


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